World’s first Human Interface to Machine which is being built by Pranav Mistry is Making India Proud.

World’s first Human Interface to machine which is being built by Pranav Mistry is Making India Proud.

Pranav Mistry we all know him as the creator of the gesture-based Sixth Sense interface technology. He recently got appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Samsung STAR Labs.

At CES 2020 Pranav Mistry unveiled Neon, which he called it the world’s first human interface to machines. Previously Samsung tried AI assistant trend with Bixby but it failed. But Pranav Mistry’s Neon, Samsung plans it to bring revolutionary changes of Artificial Intelligence in Human Lifes.

What is Neon:
Neon is simply an Artificial Human. This artificial human could look like someone, not really based on a specific face. It can interact with humans, It can learn, store memory, act as a teacher, act as a financial advisor, etc. Simply These artificial humans can interact with humans just humans interact with other fellow humans.

In an interview, Pranav Mistry said that “Samsung wanted to push the boundaries of science to the next level so that machine interfaces become just like Humans”. It can solve many problems and opens up a lot of opportunities. Neon opens a lot of business from companies related to media, the fashion industry and film industry, etc. 

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