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William Murray “Trip” Hawkins III is an American Entrepreneur and founder of Digital Chocolate, The 3DO Company, and Electronic Arts.

Trip Hawkins was born on December 28, 1953, he designed his own undergraduate major at Harvard University in Applied Game Theory and Strategy.

Trip Hawkins worked as the Director of Strategy and Marketing at Apple computers. He found Electronic Arts (EA), which is a video game publishing company. After leading EA successfully for several years he resigned from EA and formed 3DO a video game console company which is one of the most powerful video game consoles at that time. As the price of Game console was high compared to other systems, sales were very low. After the release of Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn, the hope of increasing sales died. 3DO stopped producing Game Consoles and started developing games on different game consoles and PC’s, Trip Hawkins took on additional responsibility as creative directors and decided to concentrate on business for 6 to 9 months, as quality shuttered, because of low sales in May 2003 3DO is out of business.

In 2005 Trip Hawkins is the eight-person to be inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

Later in 2003 Trip Hawkins launched his new video game development company which is named as Digital Chocolate. This time they mainly focused on developing games for Handheld devices. He stepped down from CEO position at Digital Chocolate.

In 2012 Trip Hawkins joined as a board of directors in Extreme Reality Ltd. (Israeli technology company), which works on Motion Controls of a person moment in 3D with a 2D Camera.

2013 Trip Hawkins joined as a senior adviser to board members of NativeX, 2014 he joined with Advisory board of Skillz. 

Later he started a startup, “If You Can” which targets (SEL) social and emotional development and 2016 he joined as a professor of practice in Technology Management Program at University of California.

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