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William Ralph Wright (Will Wright) is an American Video Game designer and co-founder of Maxis an American Video Game company which was is acquired by EA Studios.

Will Wright was born on January 20, 1960, completed his schooling at the age of 16 from Episcopal High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Beginning with a start at architecture degree, mechanical engineering, computer, robotics, architecture, economics, mechanical engineering, military history, and language arts, he excelled in subjects he was interested in.

Will Wright invented his first helicopter action video game on 1984 which is named as Raid on Bungeling Bay for the Commodore 64. In this game Raid on Bungeling Bay, the players fly over islands and drop bombs.

Will Wright met Jeff Braun (Video Game Producer and Co-Founder of Maxis) in a very important pizza party. As Will Wright and Jeff Braun love Video games, they formed Maxis (An American Video Game Company) in 1987. Simcity, Sim Series, SimAnt, SimFarm, SimEarth, SimLife, SimTower, SimIsle and SimHealth, RoboSport and 1995’s 3D Pinball for Windows were few evergreen video games produced by Maxis.

The ideas of Will Wight are unique, when he took his ideas to the matrix board, they looked at sims and said, Will lost his mind and no one will play such games. Later on, fighting This SimCity was released and was a huge success of video games.  

SimCity VIdeo Game - Techsurff
Picture: SimCity Video Game Developed by Will Wright

After a huge success of SimCity by Maxis and after building his reputation as one of the most famous game designers he quit Maxis in 2009 and started a Stupid Fun Club which deals with entertainment, video games, storytelling media, home care products as well as toys. In October 2011, Will Wright took charge as a board director of Linden Lab.

In 2018 at the game developers conference he announced his upcoming project which is a mobile game Proxi.

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