What is DOS (Disk Operating System)

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What is DOS?

DOS stands for Disk Operating System. If you buy a new laptop or desktop computer you can see this operating system installed on your computer. This OS can only perform basic file operations. DOS does not support  GUI(Graphical User Interface) it supports only CUI(Character User Interface).

What is DOS Disc Operating System. GUI Graphical User Interface, CUI Character User Interface. Techsurff
No GUI (Graphical User Interface) Only CUI (Character User Interface )

It means no pictures, videos, games & no graphical representations can be seen in this operating system.

What is DOS Disc Operating System. No Images, No Videos, No Games. Techsurff.
No Images No Videos No Games

DOS is a single user interface, it can perform only one action at a time, it supports only a single user interface.

What is DOS Disc Operating System. Single User Interface. Techsurff
Doesn’t support multitasking.
What is DOS Disc Operating System. Doesn't support Multi Tasking. Techsurff

DOS acts as an interface between hardware and software programs.

Disk Operating System performs actions based on the commands given by the user

Example: “cd \directory_name”,

Few other Commands:


Using these commands this operating system is difficult to use right that is why Microsoft introduced windows operating system with GUI (Graphical User Interface).

DOS runs from a Hard Disk Drive so it is called as Disk Operating System.  In early days computers didn’t have any Hard disk drives but they were hard wired and instructions were loaded into the computer’s memory using punch cards and Magnetic tapes.

What is DOS Disc Operating System. Punch Cards. Techsurff
Punch Cards
What is DOS Disc Operating System. Magnetic Tapes. Techsurff
Magnetic Tapes

Later computer instructions were moved to floppy discs and internal storage system.

What is DOS Disc Operating System. Floppy Discs. Techsurff
Floppy Discs

Now in modern times, any operating systems can be considered as Disc Operating System.

There are different types of Disk Operating Systems like PC-DOS, MS-DOS, CBM-DOS, Atari-DOS, and Apple-DOS.

The last version of MS-DOS is MS-DOS 6.22 after this release MS-DOS is bundled as a part of Windows. From there DOS version does not require any license.

Alternatively, you can still run the Disk Operating System under windows using the Command Prompt program.
To open the command prompt in Windows click (Windows button + r) and type cmd you can see a window with a black screen.

Watch this video for detailed video Explanation:

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