What is a Computer?

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Computer is defined as an electronic device which can manipulate the Information or Data from one form to another form. Computers are a combination of hardware and software. Any physical part or internal parts of the computer like CPU, Monitor, keyboard & mouse etc.. belongs to hardware. Where Software is a set of instructions which tells hardware what to do like media player, browser, word processor few other applications etc.

Computers are everywhere in this universe. In your pocket, to your wrist, in your home, Car, Office everywhere in universe in different forms. Mobile, calculators, desktops, laptops, tablets, smart watches, smart home devices, satellites, robots, machines any electronic device which receive the data, manipulate it and produce the output to an input is called as Computer. 

Computers are in different forms on their own purposes but these four things are common in all types of computers across the universe.

  1. Input
  2. Store
  3. Process
  4. Output

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Computers can receive input in multiple ways, it can be a mouse click, keyboard, joystick, touch, scanner, mic Or (Microphone) etc. Any information or data received from input devices will be stored in a computer memory. The computer processor will take the data given by input and it will start manipulating the data into a from the user required with the help of commands given to it. After completion of  manipulating the data in to the required from it will be stored in memory again and produced as an output with the help of output devices.

Any electronic device which follow these four steps Input, Store, Process and Output can be considered as a form of computer.

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