Uber Flying Taxi Operations to get started from 2023

Uber Flying Taxis operations to get started from 2023 - technews - techsurff

I saw people pedaling up, people pulling other people on carts, horses, bulls, oxen pulling carts, then Auto Rickshaws, busses, cars, trains, ships, and flights. Now its time for flying taxis.  

Yes UBER is going to start its flying taxi services from 2023. 

Have you seen this Hollywood movie “The Fifth Element” may be the director of the film predicted future transportation and directed this film? The whole transportation system in the movie is with flying cars and trains running over buildings. If Uber flying taxi is affordable and succeeds in providing this facility all over the world we may see the transportation in the movie to become true.   

We have all been there bumping traffic every day wishing we can fly over the traffic. Now UBER says your dream is going to be true by 2023 or most probably 2025. Yes, you can fly over the traffic above 2000 feet with a speed of 200 miles per hour with the help of your Smartphone Application. Wow, how cool it is just imagined flying instead of driving a car for hours and hours to reach your destination.

This flying taxi is designed to give a transportation facility for 4+1 person at a time. 4 customers and 1 pilot.

This project of flying taxis going to change the transportation mode of driving on roads to flying in the air to reach your destination. Uber Taxi is going to be the future of transportation. Transportation in Uber taxi is going to be affordable and cheaper than a helicopter ride.

Uber Elevate partner Bell unveiled their first design of the flying taxi model which they call it as Bell Nexus. They also stated that they are going to use Australia’s second largest City, Melbourne, US Cities Dallas, and Los Angeles as the first international test site for flying taxi services by 2020 and Uber Elevate is expected to start these flying taxi operations by 2023 or most probably by 2025. 

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