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Blogging, what I understood about blogging is converting passion towards their interest into money is called blogging. Are you interested in creating blogs on your interests? Creating a successful blog is not that easy. Here are a few Indian bloggers who are successful. They converted their interest into money by making blogging as a platform. By observing their actions you can get a few ideas to make your blog successful. Below list is ranked in ascending order by referring Alexa Global Ranking.

Yourstory (

Shradha Sharma is the founder of Yourstory. Yourstory is one of the most popular media platforms which brings the story of change-makers, entrepreneurs, funding analyses, emerging trends, great business profiles, and entrepreneurs. Yourstory’s Alexa Global Ranking is 7,112 and Alexa rank in India is 626.

Labnol (

Amit Agarwal is the founder of Labnol. He quit his job to become the first-ever Indian blogger. Labnol is a tech blog which provides information about the latest technology updates and useful technology tips. Labnol’s Alexa Global Ranking is 13,319 and Alexa rank in the US is 6707.

Shoutmeloud (

Harsh Agarwal is the founder of Shoutmeloud, His blog is about blogging, if you are passionate about blogging, by following Shoutmeloud you can learn how to build a million-dollar blog. This blog presents all the tips and tricks of SEO, WordPress, and blogging. Shoutmeloud’s Global Alexa ranking is 16,509 and Alexa rank in India is 1,647.


Srinivas Tamada is a part-time blogger and UI Architect. Apart from his job he like making videos about web technologies. So 9lessons is obviously a tech blog. If you are interested in learning web technologies, you can learn them here. 9lessons Alexa global rank is 113,128 and Alexa India Ranking is 13,440.


Shivya Nath one of my favorite bloggers, her writings, works, and traveling stories inspires the people who love traveling. A few years ago she sold her home and started traveling. The Shooting Star’s global Alexa rank is 228,567 and Alexa Rank in India is 16963.

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