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TFF (Toolkit for Facebook) which is a tool which is mostly useful for Social Media Managers to promote their business on Facebook. 

Now we are going to see the process, how to add TFF extension to Google Chrome and also an example to invite multiple friends to like a facebook page.

Step 1: Open google chrome and search for Toolkit For Facebook (TFF), Google will bring the results to add TFF (Toolkit For Facebook) extinction. Or Click Here to go to the TFF Google extensions web page.

Step 2: Click on the Add to chrome Button.

Step 3: It will show a pop-up, click on Add Extension. It will take some time to add this chrome extension which depends on your internet speed. Wait until you see a popup of success notification.

Google Chrome Extension of TFF is successfully done, now let’s see an example of how to invite multiple friends to like a facebook page.

Step 4: Search for “invite” in TFF and select this option to invite multiple friends to like a Facebook page.

Step 5: Keeping this tab open, now open a new tab and login to your Facebook account.

Step 6: Click on the page which you would like to promote to your friends, and now copy the URL.

Step 7: Now switch back to the TFF tab and paste this copied URL in the form “Enter the URL of the facebook page to invite your friends to like it”.

Step 8: Select a time interval between requests “5-10 Seconds”.

Step 9: Click on the checkbox “send an invitation in messenger”.

Step 10: Write your message asking your facebook friends to like the page.

Step 11: Now select the friends to whom you want to send invitation one by one, or you have the option of “Select all Friends”.

Step 12: After selecting the friend’s list, click on the Submit button.

The process of sending an invitation to like your facebook will start with a time interval of 5 to 10 seconds.

Once the process of sending invitations completed it will show you the notification that process completed. Until then make sure your computer is turned on.

Here is the detailed video which explains the process of adding Toolkit For Facebook and an example of how to invite multiple friends to like a facebook page.

These are few more tools available in Toolkit for Facebook, just like “Invite multiple friends to like a facebook page”, try them…

Click all “like” buttons

Click all “confirm friend request” buttons

Click all “delete friend request” buttons

Click all “cancel pending friend request” buttons

Click all “add friend” buttons

Click all “share” buttons

Download Facebook videos

Follow all liked pages

Unfollow all liked pages

Unlike all liked pages

Leave all groups joined by you

Unfollow all joined groups

Follow all joined groups

Claim group adminship of groups with no admin

Post on all joined groups

Invite a friend to join all groups joined by you

Unfollow all friends

Unfriend all friends with a deactivated profile

Message all friends

Get the public phone number of friends

Block all friends

Follow all friends

Mute stories of all friends

Unmute stories of all friends

Unfriend all friends

Suggest all friends add another friend

Invite all friends to join a group

Invite all friends to like a page

Invite all friends to an event

Export friend list

Export joined group list

Export liked page list

Export deactivated friend profiles

Click all “poke” buttons

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