Solar roof electric cars which automatically charge while driving by Toyota

Solar roof electric cars which automatically charge while driving by Toyota, techsurff, technews

An electric car which automatically charges while driving, using the solar roof. How cool is that! Usually, drivers worry about the battery when they are using electric cars for a long commute. These rooftop solar charges may help them travel a few more kilometers by automatically charging while driving. 

Toyota one the leading Automotive manufacturer is trying a new and improved version of solar power cells on the rooftop of their electric cars. This new solar technology was launched in Japan exclusive Prius PHV in a pilot along with Japanese national research organization NEDO and partner sharp. The previous version of solar panels are converting 22.5% but the latest solar prototype cells can convert 34% and more which can also charge the driving battery of car while the car is moving.

This new system will provide power to both the driving system and the auxiliary power battery, which will also supply power to the AC, navigation system and more. These panels will improve the driving range up to 44.5 Kilometers per day and if it was parked to soak under sunlight which can increase the drive rang to 56.3 Kilometers.

The solar battery film measures only 0.03 mm thick and the vehicle Engineers were managed to put the film over the body components like the rear door and hood, so it can convert energy into the battery driving system and auxiliary power battery even though the car is on the motion. In previous generations, solar energy was converted to the auxiliary battery to run the radio when it is in motion.

This new generation Toyota solar roof cars are expected to hit the roads of Japan in late July to complete its tests and check the driving condition in different climate conditions. 

Ultimately their main motivation is to utilize the latest technology for more efficient solar power generation and use this technology in various types of transportation applications.

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