Small Businesses Google launches new portal for you

Small Businesses Google launches new portal for you - techsurff - technews

If you are the owner of a small business or an owner of a well-established business who is looking to establish digitally then this is good news for you. On an occasion of celebrating International Small Business Day on 27th June, Google launched its new website which will be a benefit for Small businesses, this website will suggest the best products which are the best fit for a specific business.

Google announced its small business portal at Google Learning Center in New York City with different variety of classes and workshops.

Kim Spalding Global Product Director of Small Business Ads said that Small business is making a big impact on our communities. Treating customers like family and communicating with customers are making towns unique. Google is building a different type of tools and encouraging businesses to use the web. In 2018, Google’s search and Advertising tools successfully helped in creating  $335 billion economic activities for website publisher, millions of businesses across the United States of America.

Even though the internet had created a lot of opportunities for small businesses, small businesses are facing challenges in managing their time at work, they need some tools which will make their business promotions easier so on this occasion of International small business day Google launched its new website which is going to make small business promotions easier. 

By going on the new site, you can enter the company name and company website, then continuing the process you should answer a few questions about your business and your business goals. Then google will create a customized prioritized list which may ask you to run the ad campaigns or install google analytics or build an online presence. Following the prioritized list can be useful for small businesses which are at the initial stages or business which are digitalizing.

Google Small Business may recommend these two super powerful tools Google my Business and Smart Campaigns. Where Google my business will allow owners to create their business profiles which are completely free and Smart Campaign is an automated ad-buying process for small business was launched last year.


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