Sandisk 1 terabyte microSD cards are now availabe in market

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Are you tired of carrying 1TB Hard Disk everywhere you travel, how about a 1TB microSD Card which will be the size of a fingernail, where there is no need of carrying them you can just insert into your device and have access to your files anywhere. A few years ago filling a microSD card with 256 GB is quite a big challenge, after the release of 4K cameras the need of 1 terabyte hard disk is very important.

Sandisk manufactured its first ever Extreme 1 TeraByte microSD card for $450 after Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB, 256GB, 400 GB micro SD cards. Which is waterproof, temperature proof,  shockproof, and Xray proof. Sandisk first talked about these 1TB microSD cards in February at mobile world congress, now they are available in the market for sale. This product is available in Sandisk Store,  B&H Photo and Amazon.

Sandisk Extreme 1TB MicroSD Card is being advertised with reading speed 160 MB/s and a write speed of 90MB/s for the cameras or devices which supports this speed. If you are capturing a lot of 4K videos the file transfer time or file loading time will be performing better when compared to the previous version of Sandisk’s Ultra Micro SD card which has read speed of 100 MB/ second.

Owning a first-ever Sandisk Extreme 1 TB Micro SD Card will be cool, but before buying it check your device compatibility. 

This cards price is pretty high at this point, Samsung’s 512GB micro SD card is available at $99.99 and Sandisk ultra 400 GB microSD costs $56.99 which is very down when compared to Sandisk’s Extreme 1 TB microSD card which is $450.


Capacity 1 TB
Read Speed up to 160MB/s5
Write Speed up to 60MB/s(5)
Video Speed C10, U3, V30(4)
Form Factor microSDHC


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