Robert Noyce co-founder of Intel corporation and Inventor of Integrated Circuit

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Robert Noyce also is known as “the Mayor of Silicon Valley” he was the co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor international inc, Intel Corporation and also an American Physicist. He is the man who invented the first integrated circuit with Jack Kilby(Co-inventor of integrated Circuit). This integrated circuit or microchip changed the computer generation.

Robert Noyce was born on December 12, 1927, in Burlington City, IA. His father Reverend Noyce is a Congregational clergyman and also worked at Congregational Churches as the associate superintendent of the Iowa Conference. His mother, Harriet May Norton, was a graduate of Oberlin College, has a good name as an intelligent woman with a Strong Will.

Even at the age of 5, Noyce used to feel bad at losing at anything. He used to play “ping pong” and beat his father, he got surprised by his mother’s words saying “Wasn’t that nice of your dad to let you win”. He then said his mother “If you are going to play, play to win”. Noyce is very interested in creating and recreating thing, at the age of 12 he built a boy-sized aircraft, built a radio and customized his sled by adding a motor to it by welding a propeller and motor from an old washing machine.

Noyce is a great student who has great knowledge of physics and mathematics. He is a Stardiver, singer and actor in the college. He stole one of the pigs from the mayor’s farm and roasted it at a school, the mayor wrote a letter to Noyce’s parents saying robbing a pig from mayors farm which will lead to punishment of 1-year jail and 1 dollar fine and also he should leave the college. The president of Noyce’s college doesn’t want to lose a bright student so they compromised with the mayor.

In 1953, Robert Noyce received his doctorate in physics from MIT. He took a job as a research engineer at Philco Corporation at left in 1956 to join with William Shockley (Co-inventor of the transistor), upon having an issue with Shockley’s management style, Noyce left that place a year later.  He co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation and as he was passionate about creating the semiconductors Fairchild created a separate division for those who left Shockley at a time.

In 1968 Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore founded Intel corporation by leaving Fairchild Semiconductors. Arthur Rock the chairman of Intel board once said that the development and growth and Intel corporation was based on Noyce, Andrew Grove, and Moore. Noyce used to inspire and encourage his team, he used to manage the team very well and treat them like a family member. He set an example to manage the team for future generations and lead Intel Corp in a successful way.

Robert Noyce was awarded by three presidents of USA for his co-invention of Integrated Circuits, National Medal of technology in 1987, Lifetime Achievement Medal in 1990, Stuart Ballantine Medal in 1966, IEEE Medal of Honor in 1978,  National Medal of Science in 1979 and Charles Stark Draper Prize in 1989.

Robert Noyce left his body at the age of 62 on June 3, 1990, because of a heart attack.

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