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JioGigaFiber: Broadband internet for your homes by Jio

Jio became one of the worlds largest data network, especially in India. Jio created a history in the data network which gave a tuff competition to the other mobile networking organizations and now Jio announces its broadband network as the JioGigaFiber.

What is JioGigaFiber?

JioGigaFiber is the broadband network connection that will be provided by Jio for your home. JioGigaFiber is going to provide a superior internet facility with great broadband experience to explore digital life. JioGigaFiber is coming with ultra-fast upload and download speeds with effective functioning in milliseconds so that you can feel ultimate broadband experience to surf, stream, game, and work at home through FTTH.

What is Fiber To The Home (FTTH)?

Unlike the other broadband networks, JioGigaFiber comes directly to your home. In general broadband fiber connections may reach only till the building or to the end of the streets and from there, another patch is connected to your home which leads to the reduction of internet speed. To avoid such issues JioGigaFiber is coming out with direct connections to your home and provides a good and different internet experience.

JioGigaFiber current plan/offer

The current offer comes as prepaid services with the ultra-high-speed internet up to 100Mbps free for a limited preview period and complimentary access to a host of Jio’s premium apps. As for now in the preview option, there will be no installation charges but there is a refundable security deposit of ₹2500 taken for the ONT Device i.e GigaHub Home Gateway, can be paid through debit or credit card, Jio Money and PayTM. the deposit will be refunded when you choose to discontinue JioGigaFiber services and return the installed devices in good and working conditions. In case if you have consumed your data quota you can top up 40 Gb through My Jio app or at

Launch of JioGigaFiber

The JioGigaFiber launch is to be held on 12 August 2019 at the Reliance Jio Annual General Meeting in which official plans may be announced.

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