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Gordon Early Moore is an Engineer, American Business Man, philanthropist, and co-founder and chairman of Intel Corporation. He is also famous for Moore’s law.

Gordon Moore was born on January 3, 1929, in San Francisco, California. Mr. Gordon Moore attended Sequoia High School in Redwood City, in 1950 he received a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from University of California. In 1954 Gordon Moore received a Ph.D. in chemistry. From 1953 to 1956 Gordon Moore conducted postdoctoral research on applied Physics at Johns Hopkins University.

Gordon Moore worked at Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory division and left the company with a member of the team to support Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation as a director of Research and Development (R&D). An Electronic Magazine asked Gordon Moore to predict the future of semiconductor devices, he said that the use of components like transistors, Diodes, capacitors, resistors and dense of integrated circuits is increasing twice every year, it may continue for next ten years at least. He received the forecast rate approximately every two years. Moore’s law was popularized by Carver Mead. This prediction has become a trend set across the semiconductor industry and played a great impact in spreading in many areas of Technology space.

In July 1968 after coming out from Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation, Robert Noyce and Gordon Early Moore founded the NM Electronics which later became Intel Corporation (Semiconductor Manufacturing company). He served as Executive Vice president of Intel Corporation until 1975, later he became chairman and served as Chief Executive Officer until 1987. Because of Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce and Andrew Grove intel corporation became a famous brand in manufacturing and producing microprocessors, integrated circuits and computer memories for the new generation of computers.

Gordon Moore received many awards for his inventions , research and contributions, National Medal of Technology and Innovation by President of United States of America George Bush in 1990, Othmer Gold Medal in 2001, Presidential Medal of Freedom, highest civilian honor, as of 2002, Bower Award 2002, inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2009, Dan David Prize in 2010 and many more…

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