Google or Waymo Self Driving Cars are available on Lyft in Arizona.

Google or Waymo Self Driving Cars are available on Lyft in Arizon, tech news, techsurff

We all know that Google Waymo Self Driving cars are at the final stage of development to hit the roads. Actually, these Waymo Self Driving cars are already on roads of Arizona.

If you are a Lyft (Transportation Network Company) customer living in the metro areas of Arizona you can go on a ride in Google or Waymo self-driving cars within the Geofenced area. Yes by going into the mobile application you of Lyft you can select “Self Driving” autonomous cars. But keep in mind that if you want to go on a long distance ride beyond the geofenced area it is not allowed, you can just book these anonymous MiniVans to commute only a few miles like going to a grocery store or some places near to your location in Metro areas of Arizona. Don’t worry there will be a Safety driver but he/she is not going to drive the car, they are for just safety purpose. The rides in these autonomous minivans are free because of these cars were on the road before prelaunch. 

In May Waymo and Lyft announced their partnership. Not only with Lyft, to develop these autonomous automated vehicles and their services Waymo struck deal with Renault and Nissan for building self-driving cars. By partnering with Lyft, CEO of Waymo John Krafcik though that it will be a good opportunity to collect customer feedback and to know how Waymo is interacting with the customers.

Competitors of Waymo are making their own plans, the General Motors Autonomous Vehicle Cruise is expected soon to be on roads in a geofenced area of San Francisco. Where Uber recently announced that their flying taxi services will be started from 2023. 

For now 10 Google Waymo autonomous vehicles are providing their services in geofenced areas of Arizona and Phoenix through Lyft. When Lyft customers in the area of Phoenix try to book a ride within a geofenced area, these Wymo autonomous vehicles will be shown as an option.  

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