Google maps is going to be more useful with its two new features

Google maps is going to be more useful with its two new features, technews, techsurff

Did you ever worried about how crowded your bus or train going to be!… Google maps are going to be more useful with its two new features. First Google Maps is going to predict how crowded your bus or train going to be and second, they are going to notify delays in bus or trains. 

Google Maps is one of the best navigation satellite mapping service offered by Google, it was launched on 8th February 2005. It Offers aerial photography, satellite imagery, 360-degree panoramic street views and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle, and air or public transportation. 

Form the day of its launch we have seen tremendous changes in it. In the initial stages, google maps are not so impressive, they used to mislead the navigations, but later on, they were at a stage that everyone now is using google maps to reach their destinations.  By selecting your destination, it will suggest you the best shortest route to reach your destination. While traveling the google voice commentary will help you if any diversions ahead. A few years ago google maps started showing traffic on the way you wanted to go so that you can plan your commute accordingly. Now, google maps can predict how crowded your buses or trains will be and also offering live traffic delays for buses in the cities.

Google has been perfecting for more than half a year. This company asking its google maps users to rate their journey in Buses or trains if they had traveled during the peak times from 6 am to 10 am. They asked about how many seats were left or it was only a standing room so that they can identify which rows are crowded with the highest number. These reports will help them to generate the data and model this data into a new prediction capability and tell travelers how busy their buses or trains going to be.

In addition to this google is also offering alerts of buses and trains delays. This data is being gathered from the data sharing options from your mobile phone applications. Google is using the same data collection mechanism technique to predict local businesses. Travelers think that Google is gathering information from the city, but the date is being gathered from the data sharing option enabled through the application installed in your mobile. Many people don’t know that they opted this option by default. 

These 2 new features of google maps are offered in few cities of the United States of America, hope they will start this soon in India.

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