Google chrome may add a play button to its chrome web browser

Google chrome may add a play button to its chrome web browser, technews, techsurff

Google chrome may add a play button to its Chrome web browser. The button will appear on the toolbar next to the URL field. This new button will be helpful in allowing users to control the videos playing on the web sites you can like play and pause etc. 

We all know that google chrome is one of the leading web browsers by google. Google chrome stands in first place with 58.4 percent of users across the world. Google stood at first place because it is easy to use, secure and it synchronizes and bookmarks across multiple devices. Few users express that chrome is a bit slower when compared to other web browsers but it is one of the most secure web browsers available.

Coming back to the point this play button feature which is going to be added on the web browser is called as Global Media Controllers and it is being tested by the ”Canary” Google Chrome Development Browser. You can control videos playing on websites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Spotify, etc. This feature will allow you to skip, forward, pause and play the file even if you have opened multiple tabs if any website or webpage starts auto-playing a video it will pull up the original.

It’s not clear from when this feature is going to be live on the main google chrome web browser but it seems to be a very useful feature. If you want to experience the play button “Global Media Controllers” feature you should have a Canary Browser installed in your computer. You can go to its experiments page chrome://flags/ and search for “Global Media Controls” feature. Enable this feature and relaunch the Canary browser. You can see a small play button next to the URL field and experience this feature. To download Canary Web Browser Click Here. 

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