Gallery Go : A new app by Google to organize your photos offline

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Gallery Go: A new app by Google to organize your photos offline

Google introduced a new app named as Gallery Go which plays as an offline photo gallery, launched at Google for Nigeria. This Gallery Go is for people who are not having an internet connection or when their smart devices is in offline. This app has the best features of the Google Photos, you can edit and manage the photos as you like when your device is offline. As this app was designed for offline, makes you feel better to manage and organize your photos using less data so that there will be no more waiting for loading you photos when compared to online galleries or apps. This app is now available in play store and is of size 10 MB which is a smaller size and will not have any issues like slow down of your devices.

Organizes your memories automatically

This app automatically organizes your photos by the people and things you capture and gives you the best experience with the easy editing tools like one-tap auto enhance using the technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This helps you to find your favorite photos and selfies easily as the Gallery Go works with the SD card and the local storage of your device and will be easy to move or copy your memories from your device.

Is this Gallery Go works in all the smartphones?

Gallery Go is available for devices having Android 8.1 (Oreo) or higher and will come in default as the gallery app for the devices Itel S15 and select A55, those who joined at Google for Nigeria.

Is Gallery Go available in all countries?

This app is available all over the world but all the features will not be available like organizing photos by people are not available in all the countries.

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