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Apple Inc. is the multinational technology company which is one of the top 4 companies across the world among Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

This company is providing its services in the form of computer software services, consumer electronics, and online services. Apple Inc is famous for its iPhones, Mac Personal Computers, tablet computers, iPod music players, Apple smart Watches, Apple TV Digital Media Player, Air-pods wireless earbuds, HomePod smart Speakers, macOS, iOS, iPad OS, watchOS, tvOS, iTunes, Safari web browser, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Xcode, iTunes store, i-message, i-cloud, Mac App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV, AppleCare, Apple Play, Apple pay cash and Apple card.

Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak founded Apple on 1st April 1976 to develop their first project Wozniak’s Apple 1 Personal Computer. They sold their most valuable belongings to manufacture the first 50 computer, Steve Jobs sold his VW van, Steve Wozniak sold his HP 65 calculator. This company is headquartered in Steve Jobs parents garage and each and apple computer 1 was hand-built by Steve Wozniak. On April 11, 1976, Apple computer company released its first computer Apple 1.

On June 10, 1977, Apple II was shipped by Apple computers, Apple II is the first highly successful 8-bit microprocessor computer which was designed by Steve Wozniak. Rod Holt developed the switching power supply and Steve Jobs took responsibility to oversee the development of Apple II molded plastic case. The sales of both Apple I and Apple II grew very quickly which in a few years. They hired a team of designers to increase the production line. Over the next few years, they shipped new computers with a graphical user interface “Macintosh” on 24 January 1984. Even though the marketing and advertisements of Apple products are going good because of the high prices, sales were low.

The 1990s is the time where the demand for personal computers was growing, Apple lost their shares because of Microsoft windows intel’s PCs. In 2000 Steve Jobs regained leadership status becoming CEO. Apple returned to profitability by “Think Different Campaign” and by launching the iMac. Apple launched stores in 2001 and acquired many companies. In January 2007 Steve Jobs renamed Apple computer company into Apple Inc. They shifted their focus towards computer from consumer electronics and launched the iPhone to get great public praise and increase the financial status. In August 2011, Jobs resigned his position as CEO due to health issues and Tim Cook took charge as CEO of Apple Inc. After few months Steve Jobs left his body.

Under the leadership of Tim Cook as Chief Executive officer, we saw many revolutionary changes from Apple Inc. Apple Inc. is well known for its brand and revenue across the world. As of 2019, Apple Inc. is the world’s largest technology company by revenue and the third largest mobile manufacturers across the world.

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