Amazon is investing $1.5 billion on new prime Air Hub which will generate 2000 Jobs

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Jeff Bezos E-Commerce Giant,  Chairman, CEO, and President of Amazon, tweeted saying that Amazon is investing $1.5 billion on their new prime air hub to deliver packages to their customers as faster as possible. Jeff Bezos also stated that this three million square feet prime air hub is going to generate 2000 jobs. Like most groundbreaking events Jeff Bezos gave a surprise visit and jumped into John Deer’s front loader and dropped some dirt from a large heap and stated “driving a front loader was fun”.

We all know that Amazon is into plenty of businesses and know the predictable desire of Amazon is to be the master of American Sipping. Amazon just wants to make things available to its customer within 24 hours by all means of transportations air, water, and land.

This new Prime air hub is located in Kentucky which is stated to be three million square feet of land which is leased from the airport for next 50 years, which is a vast area for 100 cargo flights. As of now, Amazon is not having that many jets but they are targeting for grand logistics opening. This Prime Air Hub facility is expected to start from 2021 and operate at least 50 planes, which is going to generate 2000 jobs. Amazon Amazon is also planning to add regional prime air hubs in Ohio and Texas.

Is this going to affect the business of FedEx, UPS, and UPSO? Compared to the business of FedEx, UPSO, and UPS, Amazon needs to exercise a lot to be the Americans Shipping backbone. Currently, Amazon has dozen of planes flying several hundred flights, and FedEx and UPS are having Hundreds of planes flying thousands of flights. As Amazon is planning to start a few more Prime Air  Hubs in Ohio and Texas. Amazon is going to at least break the minimal business of other shipping companies in America.

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