Adam Mosseri Announced two new features of Instagram

Adam Mosseri Announced two new feauters of Instagram, technews, techsurff

Instagram Head Adam Mosseri announced 2 new features of Instagram which help in combat online Bullying. Few people using Instagram are reporting that Instagram is not looking towards an important issue “online bullying”. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 59 percent of the teenagers were being bullied making social media as the plot form. Social media companies were failing to solve this problem. This Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is now testing AI features to avoid online bullying.

Instagram head officially announced that they are testing on this new Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered feature, which will alert the users when they are going to post some offensive comments. Suppose if you want to comment on a picture which you didn’t like saying ”This picture is Ugly”. Artificial Intelligence will detect the message you write and will ask you “Are you sure you want to post this?” It will just alert you or warn you about the comment you are trying to post. You may change the content of the comment by clicking on the Undo button before your comments get posted. But if you really want to continue with your offensive comment, it can be posted. This AI feature will suggest the alternate comment to post which is less hurtful.

The second feature which Mosseri announced is “Restrict” which will allow you to restrict the users to look into your account. Few teenagers reported to Instagram that they are getting bullied and they can’t block the person because it may affect more if they personally know him outside the social media.

By using this Restrict option you can limit the interaction of other users on your account. If you restrict someone their comments on your posts will be only visible to them unless you approve. They can’t even see if you are online or offline and if you have read their messages or not. These 2 new features are going to help in reducing the bullying on Instagram.

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